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Ramlan Abdullah challenges his creativity by using geometric designs to create connections between people and spaces. A sculptor who has worked seriously on his passion – sculptures – since 1990 when he returned home from New York after finishing his Master of Fine Arts (Sculpture). He’s amazing creations have not only garnered local recognition, but also won numerous international sculpture awards and grants offered by other countries including South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Australia and Japan.

“I’m making objects and putting them in a space. And each of these spaces has a unique function, has unique features and a unique surrounding environment. The site-specific creations always challenge my creativity. There are a number of considerations to make, including the sensory elements found within the environment, like sounds; the vegetation or landscapes that surround the site; its history or the events that happened or are relevant to the place. The combination of all these elements calls for a response from me as an artist, and challenges my creativity,” 

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